New Jersey Council of Administrators of Special Education

NJ CASE Constitution

(Amended August 15, 2008)

Article I – Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the New Jersey Council of Administrators of Special Education hereinafter referred to as NJ-CASE.

Section 2. NJ-CASE shall be affiliated as a division with the New Jersey Federation Council for Exceptional Children.

Article II – Purpose

The NJ-CASE is organized to promote professional leadership, provide opportunity for study of problems common to its members, and to communicate through discussion and publications information that will develop improved services for exceptional children.

Article III – Membership

Section 1. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP shall be available to members of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) who administer, direct, supervise, and/or coordinate a program, school, or classes of special education for exceptional children in one or more categories as a major responsibility and college faculty whose major responsibility is the professional preparation of administrators of special education. Active membership entitles the member to attend all meetings of the division, to vote on all national and state questions presented to the membership, to serve as a committee chairperson, to run for national and state office and to be a national or state award recipient.

Section 2. ASSOCIATE shall be available to those who are interested in the administration of programs or services for exceptional children, but who are not otherwise eligible for active membership. An Associate may attend all meetings of the division and receive all communications sent to the membership, however, associates are nonvoting and may neither hold elective office, nor serve as committee chairpersons.

Section 3. RETIRED MEMBERSHIP shall be available to a person who has retired from his/her responsibilities and is no longer eligible for active membership and shall retain all the privileges of active membership except that of holding elected office unless the person has been elected prior to the changing of status from active to retired.

Article IV – Fees

Section 1. The Executive Board shall recommend the amount of fees. The amount of fees shall be subject to approval of members at a general business meeting. Fees are payable by October 15th.

Section 2. All members shall be subject to the rate(s) established for payment of fees.

Article V – Officers

Section 1. Conditions of Office

(a) Council officers must be members in good standing of NJ-CASE, CASE, and CEC at the time of nomination and election and remain so throughout the term of office.

(b) NJ-CASE shall provide for the usual officers, (see Section 2, this article) as selected by systematic and democratic procedures, with appropriate authority to serve in the functions of their offices as described below.

Section 2. The Officers of NJ-CASE shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.

Section 3. The President, Vice President, and Immediate Past President shall serve a two (2) year term. The Secretary and Treasurer shall serve a two (2) year term. The Treasurer shall be elected in even-numbered years and the Secretary and Representative to the New Jersey Federation of CEC shall be elected in odd-numbered years. All elected officers shall begin their duties following the induction of officers at the NJ-CASE business meeting held at the Summer Retreat.

Section 4. In case of vacancy occurring in the office of President, the Vice President shall assume the office of President. In case of vacancy in the office of Vice President, or in the event that he/she succeeds the President for any reason, the office of Vice President shall remain vacant until the next business meeting of NJ-CASE. During the interim, however, the President, with the appoval of the Executive Board, shall appoint an acting Vice President until such replacement can be duly elected.

Section 5. In case of vacancy occurring in the office of Secretary or Treasurer, the President, with approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint a temporary replacement to serve until the next opportunity for election of a replacement to complete the unexpired term.

Section 6. THE PRESIDENT. The President shall preside at all general business meetings of NJ-CASE and meetings of the Executive Board. He/She shall appoint all standing and special committee chairpersons (except those specifically provided for in this constitution) subject to the approval of the Executive Board, and shall be ex officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominations and Elections Committee. This officer shall act for NJ-CASE between meetings, clearing whenever necessary, important actions with the Executive Board. The President or such alternate as he/she may designate shall represent NJ-CASE at meetings of other groups where NJ-CASE representation is desired or required. The President shall appoint a parliamentarian to serve at all business meetings of NJ-CASE.

Section 7. THE VICE PRESIDENT. The Vice President shall serve in the event of resignation or absence of the President. He/She will serve as chairperson of the Convention Committee and have such other responsibilities as designated by the President. He/She shall accede to the office of President from the position of Vie President.

Section 8. THE SECRETARY. The Secretary shall serve as chairperson of the Registration Committee. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all the meetings of the Executive Board, Board of Directors and all General Business Meetings. He/She shall carry on correspondence as necessary in regard to matters as delegated by the President.

Section 9. THE TREASURER. The Treasurer shall serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse, upon proper authorization, all funds of NJ-CASE. He/She shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and present a report at each meeting. The records of the Treasurer shall be audited annually by the Auditing Committee specially chosen for this purpose. The Treasurer shall draw up a proposed budget for the forthcoming year and submit it at the annual business meeting.

Section 10. THE IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT. The Immediate Past President shall serve as Chairperson of the Nominations and Elections Committee, the Constitutional/Policies Committee and of the Awards Committee. In the event the Immediate Past President cannot serve, the President shall appoint the next most recent Past President whose services are available.

Article VI – Meetings

The NJ-CASE membership shall meet at least annually. Changes in the time and place of the meetings shall be made upon recommendation of the Executive Board who may also call additional membership meetings as deemed necessary.

Article VII – Executive Board and Board of Directors

Section 1. The Executive Board shall be composed of the elected officers of NJ-CASE and the appointed chairpersons of standing committees.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall meet prior to a General Business meeting of NJ-CASE and at such times as deemed necessary. It shall serve as advisor to the President and shall approve appointment of members of standing and special committees. It shall approve payment of all bills. It shall approve appointments, as made by the President, of an officer to fill a vacancy. It shall act upon matters of business that may arise between meetings of NJ-CASE.

Section 3. “The NJ-CASE Executive Board shall be responsible for the recruitment, selection, and annual performance evaluation of the position of Executive Director for NJ-CASE. The responsibilities of the NJ-CASE Executive Director shall include implementing the policies and strategic plan at the direction of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors of NJ-CASE. The Executive board shall set the salary, benefits, and other compensation by policy.”

Article VIII – Committees

Section 1. The standing committees shall be as follows: Constitution/Policies, Finance, Legislation, Awards, Scholarship, Communication, and Services to Members, Strategic Planning, Membership/Recruitment, Nominations and Elections, Convention, Professional Learning, and Interorganizational.

Section 2. The standing committee chairpersons and other special committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board, unless otherwise specified in this document. The chairpersons, with the approval of the President, shall select committee members.

Section 3. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consist of five (5) members; the Immediate Past President shall chair. The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, will appoint the remaining members. The Chair shall have the Call for Nominations published along with the eligibility criteria and the duties of each office to be elected in the NJ-CASE Newsletter, on the web site and emailed to all active members. The Chair shall forward a list of nominees and vita information for each nominee to all committee members. Committee members may add nominees. The Chair shall have this slate published in the NJ-CASE Newsletter and/or on the web site, and emailed to all active members at least 30 calendar days prior to the election. The election shall take place by written or electronic ballot to all active members at least 30 calendar days prior to a General Business meeting. The Nominations and Elections Committee will carry out the election, will certify all voting members and will tabulate the results with results reported to the membership in a timely manner.

Article IX – Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in Roberts’ Parliamentary Law and the latest edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order Revised shall govern the New Jersey Council of Administrators of Special Education in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the articles of this Constitution.

Article X – Dissolution

Upon dissolution of NJ-CASE, the Executive Board shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all liabilities, dispose of all the assets exclusively for the purposes of NJ-CASE in such manner, or to such organizations, the purposes of which are to serve the needs of exceptional children. Under no circumstances shall any of the property or assets be distributed to any officer, member, employee, or subsidiary of NJ-CASE.

Article XI – Amendments

The Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the active members present at a business meeting, provided the membership has been notified at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the business meeting of intention for revisions.

Established August 2008

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